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           Metal circular saw machine
           Metal band saw machine
           Cutting Samples
          TEL: 0769-85890899
          FAX: 0769-85890899
          QQ:     445262822
          貿易通: dgzehong99

          Company Address: Dongguan Luen wanjiang Kau Beach Road (Kau United sluice beside)


            ZG-615SA-1.5Aluminum plate cutting machine Information
          NAME:ZG-615SA-1.5Aluminum plate cutting machine
          Type:Metal circular saw machine->Al-Cu-cutting type
          DATE:2012-7-17 16:55:51
           Products Information:
           Large aluminum sheet cutting machine is designed for cutting various big and thick materials and solid boards. Adopted tungsten steel header, round alloy saw blade and high spindle speed, it has strengths of smooth cutting section, burr-free, no need for secondary processing, high efficiency and high precision and so on. It is suitable for precise sawing various irregular non-ferrous metals, aluminums, aluminum alloys, coppers, copper alloys, plastics, organic glasses (acrylic sheets) and carbon fibers and so on.

          Adopt man-machine interface, easy to operate.
          Adopt imported precise linear rail for feeding track, accurate and steady feeding, high cutting precision and efficiency.
          Use servo motor to determine length to improve length accurateness.
          Be able to set feed stroke and blade up distance according to width and thickness of various materials.
          Blade auto returns to origin after cutting to avoid secondary scratching on materials during retracting and to improve surface smoothness and ensure accurate length.
          Compel cooling cycle system makes work-piece section surface smoother and burr-free and prolongs using life of the saw blade.

          (ZG-615SA) Specification
          Sawing angle
          Cutting capacity
          Wide1500mm×High160 mm
          Machine motor
          Length of the positioning
          Servo motor
          Saw blade
          Xiang circular saw blade tungsten steel knifeφ405~600×φ25.4mm
          Copyright: Dongguan City, ZEGUAN Machinery Co., Ltd. Address: Dongguan Luen wanjiang Kau Beach Road (Kau United sluice beside)
          Technical support: wintx
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