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           Metal circular saw machine
           Metal band saw machine
           Cutting Samples
          TEL: 0769-85890899
          FAX: 0769-85890899
          QQ:     445262822
          貿易通: dgzehong99

          Company Address: Dongguan Luen wanjiang Kau Beach Road (Kau United sluice beside)


            ZG-450FA Oil slide type automatic aluminum cutting machine Information
          NAME:ZG-450FA Oil slide type automatic aluminum cutting machine
          Type:Metal circular saw machine->Al-Cu-cutting type
          DATE:2012-2-16 16:18:30
           Products Information:

          This machine is specially developed and designed for solid aluminum bar, using independent hydraulic workstation as power, feeding, feeding and clamping are all driven by oil cylinder.The machine is set by PLC program, automatic feeding, clamping and automatic sawing.

          1.Vertical slide - type advance and retreat knife, steady speed, high precision sawing.

          2.Unique main clamp design, strong and firm grip;Floating feeding system, no damage to the surface of the workpiece, high feeding accuracy.

          3.Sliding automatic oil lubrication, long service life.

          4.Automatic circulation of coolant ensures smooth working surface and prolongs blade life.

          5.Electronic sawing quantity design and quantity count

          6.Automatic stop device without material.

          7.Sawdust centralized treatment square completely clean.

          8.Digital display device, easy length adjustment, fast and accurate.

          Standard equipment: one alloy saw blade, one kit.

          Copyright: Dongguan City, ZEGUAN Machinery Co., Ltd. Address: Dongguan Luen wanjiang Kau Beach Road (Kau United sluice beside)
          Technical support: wintx
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