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           Metal circular saw machine
           Metal band saw machine
           Cutting Samples
          TEL: 0769-85890899
          FAX: 0769-85890899
          QQ:     445262822
          貿易通: dgzehong99

          Company Address: Dongguan Luen wanjiang Kau Beach Road (Kau United sluice beside)


            ZG-360NC Automatic aluminum-copper cutting machine Information
          NAME:ZG-360NC Automatic aluminum-copper cutting machine
          Type:Metal circular saw machine->Al-Cu-cutting type
          DATE:2017-2-13 15:09:45
           Products Information:

               The machine for cutting short material, small, large amount of development design. The saw cut surface is bright and clean without burr, without secondary processing. High efficiency, high precision, suitable for cutting various kinds of nonferrous metal, aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper, copper alloy, plastic, plexiglass (acrylic), carbon fiber materials, etc. Especially suitable for electronic parts, heat sink, audio panels, graphics CARDS, network CARDS, CPU, hard disk, MP3 shell aluminum shell, U disk shell...Precision sawing.

          1. Strong structure, strong rigidity, small vibration, saw blade from the top down saw cutting, saw cutting precision is high.

          2. NC controller and touch screen are used for easy operation and fault detection.

          3. Automatic feeding, automatic clamping, automatic oil spraying and automatic sawing.

          4. Servo motor is used to drive ball screw, with an accuracy up to 0.01mm. The machine will automatically stop without material induction during the processing.

          5. The clamp is designed with pressing and side clamp, which can clamp irregular materials with firm clamping.

          6. Special sawing action design feeding mode :1. Step feeding 2. Reciprocating feeding 3. Manual feeding.

          7. A new design and upgrading of the waste discharge and discharge system creates a clean and tidy working environment.

          Standard equipment: one alloy saw blade, one kit.

          Copyright: Dongguan City, ZEGUAN Machinery Co., Ltd. Address: Dongguan Luen wanjiang Kau Beach Road (Kau United sluice beside)
          Technical support: wintx
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